The Tokyo Station Hotel - Chiyoda, Tokyo, 100-0005, Japan

Hotel Spa Treatments

The Tokyo Station Hotel day spa features a unique blend of historic and modern hospitality, and luxury products.

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Spa Tokione

Operated by: Socie World Co., Ltd
Concept: To create a relaxing total wellness space right in
the heart of Tokyo.
Facilities: 6 Treatment Rooms (including a room for two people)

Hours open:
10:00-22:00 weekdays
10:00-21:00 Saturdays
10:00-19:00 Sundays & public holidays

Days closed: Every third Sunday of the month
Reservations: To be advised on Hotel Official Website

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Terrake is a luxury spa brand developed by Thalgo Group and is made exclusively for the luxury spas and resorts across the globe. The concept of the four elements of "earth, water, air, plant life" has gained a high reputation in original treatments using unique accessories such as featherbrush and stone. Terrake derived its name from "Terra" a Latin word for earth and "Aqua" meaning water.

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Bath & Relaxing

Operated by: The Tokyo Station Hotel
Concept: Enjoy nature to your heart's content, refresh your body and relax your mind.
Facilities: Artificially carbonated hot spring, man-made hot spring, cold bath, dry sauna, steam sauna, shower.

Hours open:

7:00-23:00 weekdays
10:00-21:00 Saturdays
10:00-19:00 Sundays and public holidays

Days closed: Every third Sunday of the month
Admission Fee: JPY 2,000 (exclusive for hotel stay guests)

*Bath & Relaxing facility is available for exclusive use of hotel stay guests, Spa Tokione and
The Jexer Tokyo guests.

SLH TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice 2015 World Luxury Spa Award 2015 Forbes 2016