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Restaurants & Bars in Spring

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Savor the essence of fresh greenery in spring... inspired lunch course seasonal menu "Menu Vert" at the French restaurant Blanc Rouge and “Healthy Vegetable Parfait "La Terre" at The Lobby Lounge.

Unique “4 Style Martini Cocktail Promotion” is to be enjoyed at Bar & Cafe Camellia – using fresh fruits and infusion spirits, we offer 4 different Martinis. Espresso Martini, Green Tea Martini… Enjoy a variety of different cocktails.

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*All prices are in Japanese Yen, inclusive of 8% consumption tax and subject to an additional 10% service charge.

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Restaurant Blanc Rouge
Menu Vert
(Lunch course)

A dish with full of bright and fresh green vegetables give earthy flavor to you. Enjoy the beautiful sight of the juicy green overflows from vessels. Please check "Download PDF" for menus.


6,800Yen per person
1st April to 31st May
*Reservation recommended

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Restaurant Blanc Rouge
Menu Classique(Dinner course)

Chef Ishihara delivers you elegant French dinner course using classical technique. Lamb wrapped in pie and grilled, hotel’s special consommé… have more than enough of them. Please check "Download PDF" for menus.

15,800Yen per person
1st March to 30th April
*Reservation recommended

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Restaurant Blanc Rouge
French Kaiseki -Marunouchi Ladies-(Weekdays lunch course)

Arranges in Japanese Kaiseki Style, starts from colorful appetizers using ingredients richly in variety. Weekdays lunch time gets splendid! Please check "Download PDF" for menus.

Available on weekdays only.
5,000Yen per person
*Must Reservation a day before

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The Lobby Lounge
Spring Lunch

Popular open sandwich "Batonet" which began offering from last autumn, appeared in spring style using seasonal ingredients for limited time. Salad or soup and coffee are set with it.


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The Lobby Lounge
Healthy Vegetable Parfait "La Terre"

Exquisite healthy lunch, vegetable parfait is composed of several chopped vegetables, beans, and organic brown rice flakes. Bread, soup and coffee or tea are set with it.

1st April~

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The Lobby Lounge
Gateaux Matcha with Matcha ice cream

Ideal to serve with fresh fruits, green tea Matcha taste blanc-manger and Matcha ice cream is appeared for this season. Enjoy with hotel original flavor tea "Timeless Elegance".

3rd April to 31st May

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Bar & Cafe Camellia
4 Style Martini Cocktail Promotion

Today’s Fruits Martini 1,900Yen
Combine infusion spirits and fresh fruits.

Strawberry Martini 1,900Yen
Combine hotel originial tea "Timeless Elegance" and strawberry.

Espresso Martini 1,650Yen
Combine confit coffee beans spirits and espresso coffee, Kahlúa cream.

Green Tea Martini 1,650Yen
Using Kyoto Dry Gin "KI NO BI", combine with citrus, and add green tea flavor at last.

1st April to 31st May

*All prices are in Japanese Yen, inclusive of 8% consumption tax and subject to an additional 10% service charge.
*For The Lobby Lounge and Bar Oak, no reservations accepted. Seating based on first come, first serve basis.

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