Estancia - Our new collaboration with histoires de parfums - original bath amenities “est. 1915” Hotel Tokyo

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Our new collaboration with histoires de parfums - original bath amenities “est. 1915”

Century-old The Tokyo Station Hotel teamed up with French luxury fragrance brand Histoires de Parfums for the first such collaboration in Asia.

The Tokyo Station Hotel, serving global travelers for over 100 years at its Tokyo Station Marunouchi Building designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan, announces the creation of “Est. 1915,” a set of bathroom amenities that embody in fragrance the hotel’s elegance and sophistication.
This new offering is the culmination of a year-plus-long collaboration with French luxury fragrance brand Histoires de Parfums, representing their third such partnership globally, and their first ever in Asia.
Starting October 1st, Est. 1915 will be supplied in 134 guest rooms, excluding suites.

Histoires de Parfums was founded in 2000 by perfumer and culinary artist Gérald Ghislain.
As suggested by its name, “perfume stories,” Histoires de Parfums offers a collection of scents conceived as “books read on the skin,” with each conveying a certain tale or history through the language of aroma.
Drawing inspiration from his in-depth knowledge of history and storytelling, Mr. Ghislain wields sublime artisanry to weave together perfumes that enchant people across the world.

Est.1915 blends together notes such as mandarin, lemon, bergamot, tuberose, blond wood, and white musk to express both the serenity that the hotel has constantly emanated over the years and the atmosphere of Japan at the time of the hotel’s founding.

For more than a year, the project team took an uncompromising commitment to all facets of design, including the perfume’s intensity, diffusiveness, and texture, as well as the bottle’s size, shape, and feel.
The result: the birth of the original bathroom amenity set Est. 1915.



An olfactive library that is telling stories about famous characters, mythical years, poems and music.

The collection created by Gérald Ghislain is governed by no rules other than inspiration.With his luxuriant imagination, this loquacious individual has chosen to bring his stories to life in perfumes, a sensitive and sensual medium.Histoires de Parfums releases its fragrances in a Deluxe edition to be read on skin.

Histoires de Parfums’perfumes perpetuate the French perfumery know-how, which whose features are luxury, nobility and creativity. Histoires de Parfums offers fragrant novels, musical scores and poems.



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